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Peter Millanga

Peter Millanga
Acting Country Coordinator
, Director for Investours - Dar es Salaam
Company Background

Maisha Finance is a true poverty fighter. From the beginning, the founders aimed to bring easy and affordable financial help to those in need, targeting the poor and salaried individuals employed by SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). With the assistance of Maisha, these target groups can find their goals realized.

These individuals face unique obstacles when trying to acquire loans as nationally there is little infrastructure to support their financial efforts. Commercial banks and other lenders require high securities that make lending difficult for these potential clients. Maisha offers an alternative plan: Maisha strives to provide its clients with funds within a day, and the approval process is efficient and accessible.

In Kiswahili, Maisha means "Life." Maisha is proud of its deep roots in Tanzanian life.

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